First 16 Months of A New Seed Fund

We created a review of the first 16 months in the life of our new global seed-stage fund, SparkLabs Global Ventures. You can view it on Slideshare, so I’ll just post a short synopsis here.

“We believe exceptional entrepreneurs can be found anywhere”

It’s been a fun, fulfilling and enjoyable ride so far in building out our firm, seeking out cool startups and passionate entrepreneurs seeking to change the world from all corners of the globe, and trying every day to help them succeed.

Since October 2013, we have invested in 43 companies. Our global approach allows us to seek out the best startups in the geographies where the sectors are the strongest. For example, London has become a leader in FinTech, e-commerce and mobile/online gaming is booming in Asia, deep tech is growing fast in Israel and Scandinavia and Silicon Valley is leading the charge in AI/Big Data.

  • 23 U.S. companies
  • 11 European companies
  • 6 Asian companies
  • 1 Israeli company
  • 1 Latin American company
  • 1 African company

Our team jokes around that we don’t have a focus and consider “anything online but not illegal.” This isn’t entirely the case since we have had some concentration in the following areas:

  • 10 FinTech
  • 7 Mobile Applications
  • 6 Internet of Things
  • 6 Online Gaming
  • 4 Commerce

Anyway, I have definitely grown to appreciate our team as each month passes by. We have a developed a good balance to each other’s idiosyncrasies, strengths and weaknesses. While our discussions can get heated, nothing is taken personally since we have the certainty we are looking out for the interests of our investments and the success of the entrepreneurs that we back.

Co-founder & Partner at SparkLabs Group (, which includes @SparkLabsGlobal (global seed fund) & @SparkLabsKorea (startup accelerator)

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