A bit overhyped, John. First, ICO space will become more regulated. Second, I think you got the stages wrong. If anyone, it would affect more mid-stage firms or later.

As an early-stage VC, I don’t think it will effect us that much. If you look at our first accelerator in Seoul, the average capital raised before entering the program was over $400,000 for its 77 graduates. Also for our new IoT & Smart City accelerator, the average raise before starting the program was $2.8 million for the 16 companies in the 1st batch. SO most of these companies didn’t need our $50,000 that we invest for accelerator companies. I can say similar things about our global seed fund that invests ~$500,000 across over 70 companies. So with any good VC firm, it’s usually not about the money as to why good entrepreneurs seek money from venture capital firms.

Co-founder & Partner at SparkLabs Group (www.sparklabsgroup.com), which includes @SparkLabsGlobal (global seed fund) & @SparkLabsKorea (startup accelerator)

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